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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  July 22, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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ice cold. >> sizzling temperatures across the u.s. what people are doing to help beat the heat. that and much more on this friday morning and speak of the heat, we -- speaking of the heat, a long weekend for kids and baltimore city code red summers program because of the high temperatures, the schools will be closed today. the closure again only affects the schools that do not have air conditioning. and a code red heat alert in effect throughout the weekend. baltimore department of recreation and parks is moving to a rotating swim schedule and opening 12 centers and cooling stations. annapolis is running cooling centers through sunday and frederick has the public cooling centers through saturday so keep in mind to go to for the latest on staying cool through the hot, hot times. good morning, i am charley crowson. megan is off. let's get a look at how hot it will be friday and into the weekend and sea welcome back to meteor ol -- and say welcome back to meteorologist justin
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berk. >> we are expecting it to be hodder than yesterday which was 1 hundred -- hotter than yesterday which was 100. we have this heat dome i know it's been probably the most overused term of the week. now it's shifted off towards the east coast. we get a taste of the excessive heat and the warning kicks in at 10 but some of you may feel it with morning temperatures in the 80s. we may have a record warm low temperature in baltimore. we have to wait another hour for the latest update. 82 was the last check at bwi the and running mid to upper 80s in downtown baltimore. another 100 degree day. today probably reaching a record and heat index values at least 115. or higher. look at numbers. so cockeysville, that should work for the chamber of commerce. 79 one of the coolest spots same story aberdeen and columbia glen burnie at 84. and the heat index values are into the low 90s. we should hit the 90s at some point. 96 by noon. 102 our two degree guaranteed
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high could feel as hot as 120 downtown. how about the traffic tonya? >> reporter: we are doing okay. we have a little bit of volume on the inner loop at the key bridge. nothing to worry about. the usual volume. let's look at 895 at the harbor tunnel. no incidents to report here in either direction. so let's hope it stays that way. we have a serious fire that's going to be on south hilton street between frederick avenue and west baltimore street. hilton street is closed in both directions. that's between frederick avenue and west baltimore street. charley. >> thanks a lot. breaking news for you live pictures from waterloo. it's about one hour west of syracuse. that is press conference going on right now. state police are saying 20 people are hospitalized following a tour bus and semi crsh along interstate 90. that -- crash along interstate 90. that gentleman taking questions from the media talking about the fact that there was an apparent -- the bus apparently caught fire after colliding with a truck shortly after 1:30
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this morning. state police say a u.s. soldier from the new york fort drum who came upon the scene pulled some people from the burning bus. the crash initially forced the shutdown of all lanes in both directions but they have since reopened. no word yet on the victim the' conditions and we will bring you more throughout the course of the -- victims' conditions, and we will bring you more throughout the course of the morning. abc2's linda so is live at police headquarters to explain. >> reporter: well, we are being told a man accused of shooting a police officer is an army vet and he served time in iraq. police arrested 20-year-old chey jordan, and he is being held without bond on attempted murder e used a high powered assault rifle to shoot the officer when he responded to a domestic call on cooks lane. the bullet grazed the officer and if it hit an inch or two
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away, the officer could have been killed. luckily the round penetrated something else that saved his life. >> a big hole in the gun that's all it was it. and he had a wealth right here. he never get shot, though. just got grazed i guess. >> reporter: he found a disassembled assault rifle. he is being held without bond. the police officer was treated and released from shock trauma hours after the shooting. today a baltimore city cop accused of operating a drug ring will go to court for a bond hearing. daniel redd was arrested earlier this week for alleged participation in a heroin organization. now an affidavit says he got the heroin from a supplier in africa. the document goes onto say he was in police uniform armed with a handgun while conducting thetransaction at work. an update this morning on the baltimore journalist
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missing in libya. matthew vandyke's mother and dutch ruppeersberger reports two independent sightings of vandyke in the tripoli prison. they are working to confirm the sightings. he disappeared in march a week after going toly yeah to write about the uprising. news time 6:05. the latest on bath salts. state of maryland is moving to ban the man-made drug. the department of health and mental hygiene added the drug to the list of controlled and dangerous substances. in maryland, there have been 22 cases of poisoning and one death as a result of the bath salts. and we are working for you. we have a synthetic drug guide at find it with investigators section going there underneath the news tab. today we should find out if there are enough signatures to put the in-state tuition bill on next year's ballot. the maryland state board of elects is scheduled to certify the petition. board validated more than 108,000 signatures on the
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petition many opponents needed to get 55,000. well today governor opaly will outline the plans for same sex marriage here in maryland. now a news conference is set for this afternoon in annapolis and same sex marriage legislation passed the maryland senate but stalled in the statehouse ofdelegates. also an announcement is expected to repeal the don't ask don't tell policy. leon pinetta will certify gaze and lesbians may openly serve in the armed services. there's a 60 day waiting period before the repeal is fully implemented. a deadline looms for lawmakers and tens of millions wait, watch and wonder. the impact of the debt showdown having president obama's chances for reelection. and going green can come for a price in the state of california. the rebate the state has run out of and the cash some are saying you will have to cough
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up if you want. [audio not understandable] >> that heatwave baking maryland. the huge chunk of the u.s. is feeling the pressure, too. the heat dome. is that the most overused term of the week justin? i am getting the nod of assent. more coming up and now a look at the business headlines from new york. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, longer unemployment. in some of our biggest states,more than 1 in 3 job seekers have been look for longer than a year. lock term unemployment -- long- term unemployment is the worst in 70 years. european leaders agreed on a massive new bailout for greece ending a political deadlock on how to save the greek economy. the 155 billion dollar package could make it easier to help europe's other teetheringeconomies along with the other effects a blistering heat and much of the nation could affect the corn crops. this is if the heatwave goes on longer. corn is used in everything from bourbon to tortilla chips and that means higher food prices.
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and this weekend it's the boywizar versus a super hero. the final harry potter film has been breaking records but captain america opens today and will try to to beat -- try to beat harry potter. that's america's money. i am peggy bunker.
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news time is 6:10. is the nfl lockout finally coming to an end? maybe so. the league's 32 owners spent thursday well no the late night in atlanta and finally agreed to terms on a new labor agreement. now, it's in the players' hands and this morning abc2's sherrie johnson is here with the latest on that. >> reporter: nfl team owners worked hard to negotiate the terms of a new labor contract with players on thursday night in an announcement by 31-0, the
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owners agreed to it. players will have to ratify that agreement. the players and owners have been at odds since march when the lockout began. main issue what to do with some $9 billion in annual revenue. both the players association and the owners wanted a bigger cut. other points of contention, free agency rules, and the rookie wage scale. the players failed to make any progress in their talks on wednesday. they will vote on the owners' agreement. >> we want to play football and go back to work, but we are not going to agree to any deal unless it's the right deal for all the players. >> reporter: the walkout caused the hall of fame game scheduled for august 2nd -- 7th to be canceled. some players including some of our ravens say they have not received all the documents from the nfl to review which has caused some delay and feel backed into a corner. dom ic. >> foxworth vented to mcclean on twitter saying they don't make things easy. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. this is the temperatures
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that hit the midwest that are now melting the east coast. including right here in maryland. now when the heat is this extreme, it can be dangerous. even deadlych the weather is being blamed for 22 deaths nationwide. chicago is experienced the warmest july in more than 30 years. >> it takes your breath away. very hot and sweaty and gross. >> we don't have fans. so, it's no air moving. >> humidity makes it tough. the air is heavy and thick. and with that, it was hard to breath. >> doctors warn in the conditions, the body even at rest can lose a quart of flew nid an hour. so they are saying -- fluid in an hour. so they are saying wear light clothes and don't go outside ifunless you have to and drink plenty water. look at this sign outside a minneapolis movie theater. it says "we have ac, who cares
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what is playing." don't think anyone can argue with that point justin? what do you think? >> who cares. love it. we are talking records and while i think we have a good shot of a record high this afternoon, there's a record this morning that may be tied. check out the latest number at bwi at 81. the warmest low temperature on this date was 81 back in 1885. imagine what that felt like without air conditioning and heavy clogging. base -- clothing. basically, we are looking at tying the record on the low end before we shoot for the afternoon numbers. our dew point up to 75. that's reaching the oppressive stage and dangerous on the eastern shore. those are really -- there's a really thick air mass. dover easton and back towards okayan city, that calculated with the temperatures basically how much sweat can evaporate off your skin and what it feels like to you. that's what the heat index is all about. and in baltimore, 88. now that's at bwi.
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it is in the mid-90s in down down baltimore. and 90s on the eastern shore. 92 heat index in easton. 97 ocean city. it's friends there vacationing. [ing about -- bragging about yesterday's temperatures in the 80s in the afternoon. it hasn't moved much and it feels much worse in the morning and afternoon will be nice. but arfast arwe are -- but as far as we are concerned, the hot weather dominates and wrapping winds around that high pressure -- wrapping winds around the high pressure, one disturbance may slide down in our direction and interact with the bay breeze and cook up storms. but basically, this is it charley. the heat dome. that's the dome. and we are stuck in the dome with maybe artificial grass could be in order because the real stuff is having a tough time growing. the soil is dry. we are losing more moisture. and we will take anything we can get. and there's enough moisture in the atmosphere but there's the dome expressing development. a little disturbance ahead of
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the cold front could spark storms this afternoon and some of the may contenge tan torrential downpours but you will be lucky to get underneath for brief relief from the temperatures but for your lawns and gardens. i say brief because that actually would raise the humidity once it passes and make it worse this evening and tonight. better chance of storms trying to slide through as we head through tomorrow afternoon. the frontal boundaries are having a tough too many across the region. we will start to breakdown and eating away at the heatwave. 102 today that's the two degree guarantee. and it will feel like 115 to 120. and the old record of 101 i think will be surpassed. tonight back down to 80, muggy and buggy with an isolated storm and tomorrow, an improvement my friends. to 99. and then we improve it better to 95 on sunday with thunderstorms. the coolest temperature in the next week looks like tuesday at 90. tonya. >> reporter: i never thought i would hear him say it would improve to 99. that's hilarious. we are doing okay on the roads.
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we have volume but not quite stop and go just yet. let's look at 95 a the fort mchen -- at the fort mchenry tunnel. that's the southbound traffic. all lanes are open. drive times are fine. 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway 5 minutes and 6 minutes traveling 95 southbound from white marsh to the beltway. 7 minutes on the outer loop from 795 to 70 and 6 minutes between bel air and providence. right now we have a fire reported in the city south hilton street closed in both directions between frederick avenue and west baltimore street. charley. >> thanks a lot. going green may cost you a bit more green if you live in california. if you want to buy an electric car, that's because the cash strapped state 35 billion in debt to be exact has run out of $5,000 rebates. it has been handing them out to those that bought the all electric car. the federal tack credit is $7500stands for electric and plug-in model and nissan will raise the value of the lease $2500. ticket master wants to cut
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off paper concert tickets so all tough do is show your credit card at box office instead of a printed ticket. live nation ticket districtor hopes to stop calp --pers from -- scalpers from buying tickets and it makes it harder if you want to resell or give away your tickets, too. health alert this morning. you want to check with your doctor if you intend to stop taking aspirin. here's why it is so important. a new study shows people who have been taking aspirin but stopped were almost 50% greater risk at having a hart attack than patients who were still taking aspirin -- heart attacks than patient who is were still taking the aspirin after an episode. having a positive outlook at life could help your health. you are less likely to have a stroke if you look on the bright side of life. doctors say optimism can help other wide ranging health benefits. a warning this morning for parents yowsm may want to keep
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your child a-- parents. you may want to keep your child away from water frogs. doctors say they carry salmonella. apparently a big frog breeding company linked to a salmonella outbreak is selling them acording to the cdc, more than 200 people have been infected with salmonella as a result. dozens had to be hospitalized. water frogs. it can be quite a balancing act sometimes. how do you make sure your kid enjoys the summer but do so without taking a break from learning? some advice this morning from a guidance counselor. listen. >> to make sure they are reading, read,. ing, -- reading, reading and reading and work on skills they were deficient in and to improve upon those skills that they were really good in to keep them above the curve. >> some experts believe vacations should end about one to two weeks before school starts to help get your kids back on track and back on
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schedule. [ music ] ♪ >> all right this is our clip of the day home video of what is the longest soul train dance line in the world. 208 dapsers in kingsport, tennessee trying to break the old. we will have to wait and see if they made it. soul train featured live musical performances and dancing. and the show aired from 1971 until 2006. don cornelius was the host of that show. all right. most of us have seen great white sharks on television and we remember jaws. but, this encounter with misher fen down -- fishermen down under had many in their boats thinking twice about ever going on the sea again. we will show you what happened. the president is also rarely seen behind the wheel, so, how
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in the world could president obama be fined for speeding? speeding? the finest about to take on. time for birthdays. michael rose who lives in harford county turns 53 tomorrow. so we want to wesh you a happy birthday -- wish you a happy birthday, michael. also the picture of the day, blacky and blue. rich adopted the cats from the falls road animal shelter. so, you see them nice and bundled up enjoying the cool temperatures. if you have a interesting photograph to share, morning show at and get the information to us if you would, please, so we can get it right when we share it with all of maryland. we will be right back. hey parents, it's going to be a big school year.
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see, i'm not just teaching woodwinds and strings. i'm teaching attitude!
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welcome back. a growing crisis this morning in east africa of news around
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world. these are the scenes the capital of mogadishu a city of 1 1/2 million people forceed -- forced to acome day more. somalis fled there in sherch -- in search of food and watter. this enough to give outscare of your life. researchers in south africa couldn't believe it when a great white shark leapt from the water into the -- shark leapt from the water into the boat. it's a 10-footer, 1100 pounds and sent crew members scrambling. they had to get a crane to get it out. if you've driven over the speed limit to get a text by mail? it happened to the president of the united states. only he was in london when it happened. in may, president obama was in london dealing with important world matters. he forgot to pay london's 16 dollar congestion fee for his limo nickname the beast so london slapped the president with a 200 dollar fine. take that. many of us are worried about our personal information being made public. it's something we are warned
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about often. person information one state motor vehicle department is giving out about drivers and millions that are being made as a result. new yorkers are baking in the heat and humidity and the place new yorkers are being warned to stay away from in an effort to keep cool. they want to keep safe. >> reporter: it's going to be another hot one. i am linda so. is it okay to let your kids play outside in this heat? we will have answers up next.
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." a debt showdown in the nation's capitol. are lawmakers closer to reaching a deal or is the government going to default on its loan. travel to libya to write a story, but then he disappeared. where he has recently been spotted. we don't have our fans. so, it's no air moving. >> unbelievable temperatures across much of the country. millions struggling to beat the heat and the nation's power grid now being put to the test. we will have the latest on all of that on this friday morning, it's july 22nd. good morning i am charley crowson.
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before we get to just wint weather this morning, got -- with the weather this morning we have to give a shot out to amber. thanks for making a 3-hour day when i got to your kiosk. thanks for that. justin, it's hot outside. >> and today is the day we get to use the term heat dome. you heard about it all week. you heard about it a lot haven't you? you are probably tired of hearing about it and will be be tired of feeling it. excessive heat warning kicks in at 10. a lot of us will feel it sooner than that with the morning temperatures in the 80s. wait until you see the numbers i will tho show you. another 1-- i will show you in a moment. another 100 degree day. heat values 115 to 120. it's 85 in easton and ocean is they. calculated with the high dew . from the mid-70s to the low 80s. it feels like 88 in baltimore. 97 is the current heat index in ocean city. when


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